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General Announcements 11-21

Austin Nuchols, Staff

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How does whitewater rafting sound? Zip-lining through the tree tops? Snorkeling in a Caribbean mangrove? All of these experiences and more can be yours if you join Mrs. Kelley on a trip to Discover the Dominican Republic summer of 2019. Interested? Stop by Mrs. Kelley’s room to pick up an invitation to take home. Our first interest meeting will be November 28th at 6 in the library. Be there and see why this trip will be one to remember!

Think about December 25th. Imagine the tree all lit up. Waking up to find presents spilling out from under the tree. Stocking full of goodies from good old Santa Claus. Now imagine if you woke up and the tree was empty and the stockings weren’t even hung because there was nothing to fill them up with. For many in our community, this is a real scenario every year. We here at Arlington have a chance to make that perfect Christmas for a few kids. Talk to your 3rd period teacher and get the details about your angel for angel tree. Let’s make this Christmas the merriest ever.

Winter formal is quickly approaching. Tickets will be sold in all 4 lunches starting November 16th. Singles are $35 and couples are $60. For more information see Ms. Thron in room 214 or the TV screens around Campus.

The Arlington High School give thanks to St Jude. T-Shirts are on sale for only $5 in all 4 lunches! Get on before they are sold out!

The Multicultural Club’s Taste Fest returns on December 5, in the school library. This taste fest will feature Phillipine Cuisine, including these items:

Chicken Adobo- chicken broiled in soy sauce and vinegar

Pancit- a combination of rice and starch noodles cooked in soy sauce and served with teriyaki sauce

Lumpia- egg rolls- two varieties: 1 with pork and vegetables, and one with chicken and vegetables

Tickets are on sale now through Dec 5th, but hurry because we are only selling 100 tickets, Tickets are $6. See Mr. Herring in room 506 for more information- or to buy a ticket.

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General Announcements 11-21