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Holly Conrad, Staff

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Anxiety causes us to think and act differently. Anxiety can lead to depression if stressful enough on the body. Anxiety is the bodies response to when we feel threatened, under pressure, or under stress. A certain event or choice can affect or cause this to happen. Some anxiety symptoms are as follows: feeling of apprehension or dread, watching for danger, trouble concentrating, feeling tense and jumpy, and feeling like your minds gone blank. There are ways to cope with the anxiety that becomes present to you and your body. Abigayle Schersand stated “I cope with anxiety with breathing exercises for whenever it becomes severe, but most of the time try to just ignore it.” Breathing exercises help to gain control because you are focusing on your breathing instead of the intensity of your anxiety. By breathing in for four seconds and out for seven, it will help to calm your mind and nerves. Keilly Garcia stated “When I have a panic attack or feel anxious, I sometimes look to my friends for help. Releasing my stress in healthy way is one of my priorities because being destructive to myself or others worsens my anxiety. A long cry is key for me because at times I feel like I have so many bottled up emotions. I also have aromatherapy oils that help calm me down.” The statement has amazing examples of how to you’re your anxiety that can take over and cause you to lose your train of thought and relaxation. There are some hobbies that you can do in order to distract yourself also in place of breathing exercises if the exercises don’t work or take there effect. Abigayle stated “I draw, write, and listen to music. Those things usually calm me down.” Those hobbies cause you to gain the concentration that was lost to come back to your mind which will also cause the blankness of your mind to disappear. Keilly stated “To distract myself from my stress, I like to listen to music, journal, take naps, and clean. I usually distance myself from others and I go to my room to be alone whenever I’m stressed. I journal my feelings and thoughts. In my opinion, I’m not the best at expressing my anxiety verbally, especially when my anxiety acts up so I try to write it all down. Usually I take naps only when my anxiety is extremely bad because I’m not motivated to do anything. Whenever that happens, I let people around me know that I’ll probably need to be left alone for a couple of hours.” This can help not let the anxiety take control of your life and relax all of the thoughts that you may have. Anxiety can affect the ability you have to talk and interact with people and your environment. It can cause trouble when being interviewed for a job, ordering from restaurants or stores, and speaking in any other interactive environments. Abigayle states that “It makes it difficult to talk to people, peers and teachers. I don’t like speaking in front of the class, or large groups, it makes me uncomfortable. I am most uncomfortable with talking to people alone, like ordering at restaurants without my parents, or talking to employees at a store.” This shows that anxiety can cause us to be distant from people because of fear of judgement or interacting with people. Keilly stated “My anxiety is present in all aspects of my life. I have social anxiety and it presents itself in all my interactions with people around me. When I’m anxious, I experience nausea, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision, and trouble breathing. To those around me, i look like a mess and that’s exactly what I feel on the inside. The best way I can describe it is like standing under freezing water. It feels like you’re drowning but like you’re on fire at the same time. As much as I’d like to make my anxiety disappear and leave me alone, it feels like I can’t. Anxiety is a constant weight on my shoulders- it feels like I’m programmed to worry all the time. On several occasions, I’ve had episodes of depersonalization. Depersonalization feels like you’re observing yourself from outside your body or like being in a dream. Overall, I’m glad to have a good support system to help me cope with my anxiety.” This represents how anxiety can affect ones self esteem and choices in life. Anxiety causes us to distance ourselves and cause us to think about how to react to situations. You can use any of these examples of ways to cope with anxiety in order to calm yourself in life. Don’t let anxiety take control no matter how difficult it can get, use these examples as a way to help.

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Holly Conrad, Staff
Holly Conrad was born in Memphis, Tennessee and currently attends Arlington High School as a Sophomore. Holly has aspirations to be a zoologist after high school. Holly’s extra-curriculars include Beta Club, HOSA, and Basketball Cheerleading.    
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