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Want to Talk to Aliens?

Ethan Hall, Staff

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Even if you don’t scientists definitely do. In October scientists made another attempt at sending a message. You read that right scientist have been trying to send them messages for a while. The first message sent was the Arecibo message sent in 1974. The Arecibo message isn’t expected to reach its target, the M13 star cluster, for 25,000 years. They are expecting to get a response from this message in 25 years if they get one at all. The message contains things like basic math and science and our understanding of time, they tell the aliens 1+1=2 and hope to get a response like 10+10=20. The message is sent using radio waves called Sonar Calling GJ273b. The message was sent to Luyten’s Star which is 12 light-years away from Earth. One light-year is approximately 5.88 trillion miles so the message has a long way to go but we will be waiting for the response in 25 years.

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Want to Talk to Aliens?