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Are You Safe?

Ethan Hall, Staff

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Today is internet safety day and we’re going to focus on identity theft. Identity theft is very important to protect against. Imagine if you went to the bank to set up a bank account with your parents but when you get there the teller tells you that there is already an account opened under your name and social security number. How would you feel? That is an example of identity theft, there are many forms of identity theft online and in the world around us. Identity theft is when someone takes personal information from one person and makes it their own. Anytime you’re online and give out personal information, you’re putting yourself at risk for identity theft. There is many different forms of identity theft and any of them could happen to you. There is credit or debit card identity theft, this is when a criminal gains access to your credit or debit card number and starts making purchases, which will ruin the credit of the card holder for years. Social Security number theft is when a online criminal gains access to your social security number and creates a new identity with it or uses it to apply for credit, this can damage a persons credit for years. Character theft means that someone has stolen your email address or something like it and uses it to impersonate you and harms others. Then there is medical identity theft which can impact you later on in terms for applying and receiving healthcare insurance coverage. There is a lot of ways to help prevent this from happening to you like making sure you never use personal information, social security number, or your mother’s maiden name as a password or username for online accounts. Just remember to be safe and smart whenever you use technology!

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Are You Safe?