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Tech Specs: AHS TigerLife Now Offering Live streaming

Paige Kohler, Publicity Director

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As many may have noticed, the staff of AHS TigerLife has ventured into the world of live streaming. On January 20th, live streaming of the Arlington wrestling match against Collierville was debuted. The stream was hosted on Facebook and has almost 5K views. For the first time using a program called Live:Air Action, developed by Teradek. This app allows the connection of six iPads and allows switching between their camera views in real time. Jessica Roberts, the Digital Journalism teacher and advisor stated that “the app acts as a switcher, eliminating the need for huge bulky equipment. I wanted to use our school-issued devices that we go 1:1 on.” The outlook for streaming events is auspicious. Roberts said that “our outlook is very good! The administration and community stakeholders are so excited for us to begin to offer this opportunity for Arlington.” For just starting out, the streaming system is moving smoothly, but there is room for growth and development. As of right now, the TigerLife staff is working hard on improving the quality of the stream. “Currently, we are testing equipment and our capabilities using the new program. Everything so far has been a learning opportunity… We have been tackling audio issues, and connecting multiple camera angles.” At the moment, TigerLife is only streaming to Facebook but the goal is to host the stream onto YouTube so that more people can easily find it and have access to it. The long term goal for the streaming service is having “a professional experience to offer our viewers a better streaming experience. We are working with the ACS Central Office to pursue our best options for offering this at a full-time capacity for upcoming seasons.” All in all, be sure to check out the streams to support the teams here at Arlington High School.

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Paige Kohler, Publicity Director

Paige Kohler currently lives in Arlington, TN and attends Arlington High School as a Sophomore. Along
with being apart of the staff here at Tiger Life,...

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Tech Specs: AHS TigerLife Now Offering Live streaming