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ATV is getting revamped

Austin Nuchols, Staff

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Arlington’s Television Program is going to be completely revamped for next school year, multiple changes are coming to the show. The biggest of all are the new sets, which were recently completed. The new sets feature controllable lighting, with multiple TVs that can be used to display graphics and whatever the team desires. The new sets have removable panels that can be changed to show whatever background piece they want, currently there are two overhead pictures of the school and surrounding area. The sets will increase the overall production quality of the show. Along with the new set, students have just received portable lighting kits that can attach to the cameras they record with. The kits will allow interviews with students to be conducted in a large variety of places, with ATV members no longer having to worry about moving huge lighting kits.
Another massive addition to the future of ATV is a second teacher. Digital Journalism’s very own Jessica Roberts is going to co-teach along with Mr. Hudson. The two will work together to help deliver an even better product. Mrs. Roberts has massive plans for ATV, with the hopes to have the show shot live in the studio. We here at Digital Journalism are looking forward to the next version of ATV.
Students at Arlington are also looking forward to the next edition to ATV.
“I think it would be cool, if it is shot live maybe more teachers would be willing to let us watch it in class.” – Rachel Riedel
“ I like how Mrs. Roberts is trying to focus on live content, she live streamed one of our wrestling matches and it was really cool.” – Luke Kerns

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ATV is getting revamped