Skye Anderson

Isabelle powell


Skye Anderson is a student at Arlington High School. She is a very dedicated and hardworking Junior. Skye has had a difficult time adjusting to the new schedule. Having only forty five minutes, two days a week is very stressful when it comes to learning. When having to take tests in class after only seeing your teacher for a short period of time is hard. She also thinks that emailing teachers and asking questions is a challenge, because everyone is emailing and asking questions since we aren’t in class. However, Skye likes the online days, because she gets to do her work with no stress and get it in on time. Skye said, “ She really appreciates the teachers hard work in trying to make the best of the situation.” Skye also thinks that wearing a mask for seven hours is very difficult, because it causes her acne. But she understands they are important. Skye thinks the EOC testing will be impacted because we aren’t getting the full learning experience as we usually do. Overall Skye has been adjusting to the school year smoothly and is excited to see how the rest of the school year goes.