Alumni Feature Story


Abbey Harper, Twitter Manager

Lauren Voelker graduated Arlington High School in May of 2020. After being an extremely successful student at Arlington  High School, Voelker decided to continue her education at the University of Arkansas. When she is not participating in activities with her sorority, she is studying nursing.

“My future plans are to graduate with my BSN and commission as a 2nd LT in the army.””

— Lauren Voelker

When asked about her dream job, Voelker responded with, “My dream job is to be a trauma nurse practitioner. While I am serving my time in the army, I plan on specializing in trauma also.” When she gets out of the army, Voelker hopes to one day work at a level one trauma center. She tells us that although she misses Arlington and her old teachers, she is very excited about the future and is working very hard to make all of her dreams come true.