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Black Panther: Marvel’s Biggest Success

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Black Panther: Marvel’s Biggest Success

Hayden Leslie, Assistant to the Asst. Editor-In-Chief

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Black Panther was arguably the number one most anticipated movie of this year. Everyone in the world wanted to see this movie, it broke records during release and made more in the first week than any other Marvel movie. For multiple days, it had a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and overall positive scores on critic sites. Besides Infinity War, it will definitely be the biggest Marvel movie this year. Besides just the anticipation, the actual movie held its own as well.

Black Panther is about T’Challa, the king of the hidden African country Wakanda, who took the role of the Black Panther after his father died. He actually took the mantle in Civil War, but this movie was about honing his skills. The biggest part of this movie was the villain, Killmonger. Micheal B. Jordan really brought his all into the role and gave an excellent performance. His character’s backstory was really well explained and almost made you want to root for the bad guy. He made the movie, but almost every other main character had a deep backstory and added to the movie in some way.

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Hayden Leslie, Assistant to the Asst. Editor-In-Chief

Hayden Leslie is an AHS Senior who is the real Editor in Chief (not Cezanne.) He likes photography and making dumb videos. No matter what video he is making,...

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  1. Cezanne on March 5th, 2018 11:54 am

    it’s challenge day

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Black Panther: Marvel’s Biggest Success