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Senior Spotlight - Anna Davis

Senior Spotlight – Anna Davis

Dylan Keith, Staff March 9, 2021

Anna Davis has been a well sought out student at Arlington since elementary school. In her time at AHS, she was apart of the cheer team and won multiple region, state, and world championships. Along with...

Senior Spotlight-Gracee West

Senior Spotlight-Gracee West

Aspen Bailey, Journalists March 9, 2021

Gracee West is a senior at Arlington High School. She was on the AHS cheer team and is also in National Honor Society. Gracee says, “ winning worlds for the AHS cheer team was a big accomplishment for...

Senior Spotlight: Melanie Contreras

Senior Spotlight: Melanie Contreras

Hailey Harrison, Staff March 9, 2021

Melanie Contreras is a senior at Arlington High School. She has attended Arlington all 4 years of high school and and is a very involved student on and off campus. She has been a part of the Arlington...

Senior Spotlight- Laci Hitchcock

Abbey Harper, Twitter Manager March 4, 2021

Laci Hitchcock is currently a senior at Arlington High School. “My favorite memory over my high school years is dressing up as Post Malone and signing to everyone at the football game” says Hitchcock....

senior spotlight: Eder Ramos

Kendall Taylor, staff February 24, 2021

Eder Ramos has been attending Arlington High School since freshman year. The past few years have gone by great but also pretty fast! “” Some advice he gives to the seniors in the upcoming year is to...

Senior Spotlight Tristan Pfeifer

Joshua Morgan, Staff February 24, 2021

Tristan Pfeifer is a senior here at Arlington High School. She has attended Arlington Community for her entire academic career of 13 years. On this, she says, “I am so grateful to have gone to the schools...

Senior Spot Light: Faith Bell

Senior Spot Light: Faith Bell

Joseph Carrico, Editor in Chief February 23, 2021

With this crazy year coming closer to an end, we are focusing on our seniors of 2021 before they leave to go into the real world. Faith Bell has been going to Arlington since her sophomore year and has...

Senior Spotlight!- Abbey Glover

Bailey Daugherty, Journalist February 9, 2021

Abbey Glover in a Senior at Arlington High School and currently is enrolled in the Arlington Online program. She has gone to school in Arlington since she was in Kindergarten and is super excited to graduate...

Senior Spotlight: Morgan Linsy

Senior Spotlight: Morgan Linsy

Chello Gardner, Journalist February 4, 2021

Seniors all across the world are no doubtingly having a different senior year than they could've ever imagined. The class of 2021 got to spend their year on Zoom school and all masked up, but through all...

SCS Teacher recounts first semester Virtual Teaching

Jackson Peterman December 11, 2020

Kate Bond elementary school teacher Alice Peterman is having a very unusual year, like every teacher. Alice Peterman is a 3rd grade math teacher. She has been teaching for 27 years. When asked how has...

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Which is the Better Buy?

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Which is the Better Buy?

Brandon Jordon December 8, 2020

So the newest Next-Gen Consoles came out recently, those being the Playstation 5 and the Xbox series X. A lot of people have been talking about which one is the better purchase. That decision ultimately...

Teaching during the pandemic

Teaching during the pandemic

Maggie Earnest, Journalist December 8, 2020

The pandemic has struck everyone in the world harshly, and we know how badly our healthcare workers are struggling during this pandemic, but now I wonder, how are our teachers? I interviewed a preschool...

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