Lorenzo Tatum: A Father, a Coach, and a Role Model


Ayden Tatum, Sports Journalist

Lorenzo Tatum is a man who wears many hats. He is a father to two sons, Ayden Tatum and Robert Walker, a basketball coach for a summer team named the Memphis Timberwolves, and a dedicated law enforcement officer who works for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.

Tatum’s love for basketball started at a very young age. He had a successful college career as a point guard, leading his team to several victories. After graduation, Tatum continued to play basketball in several leagues and tournaments across the world.

In addition to playing basketball, Tatum’s passion for the sport led him to coaching. He created a youth organization, and became a basketball coach for the Memphis Timberwolves, a summer team that focuses on developing young players’ skills and helping them achieve their dreams of playing college or pro basketball.

Tatum’s coaching style is all about hard work, dedication, focus, and respect. He encourages his players to give their all on the court and to never give up. His coaching has helped many young athletes improve their game and achieve their goals.

Outside of basketball, Tatum currently works for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department. He has been a law enforcement officer for 15 years and takes great pride in serving his community. Tatum’s dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, as he has received numerous commendations and accolades for his service.

Tatum’s dedication to his job and his community is a testament to his character. He believes in serving others and making a positive impact in the lives of those around him. Whether it’s coaching young athletes or protecting his community, Tatum is committed to making a difference.

As a father, Tatum is also a role model for his two sons, Ayden and Robert. He instills in them the same values of hard work, dedication, and service that have guided his own life. Tatum’s sons may have not followed in his steps on the court, but using the values that were given to them from early on, has led them to very successful lives. Ayden Tatum, his youngest son, is one of the field athletes on the Arlington High School Track and Field Team and covers sports happening in Arlington as a TigerLife Journalist.