Darling, You Wear Your Broken Pieces Beautifully


Kaitlynn Griesenbeck

Darling, you are not damaged,

Not molded by painful memories

And should’ve done better,

Everything they told you that you couldn’t possibly make

You insist without waiver,

That you are made of broken pieces,

But you wear them beautifully,

You turn every flaw into a crown, every poem into a kingdom,

From every broken bit of you,

You made something magnificent, radiating in beauty,

You took everything the world shattered

What they decided was their job to break,

You took the bitter blades of their disapproval,

Took every riot in your mind,

Every protest you’ve ever had,

You said proudly,

“I’m going to make this mine”

In a world of greedy politicians,

Darling, you wear your broken pieces beautifully

You never needed them to show you how to build society,

Because theirs is too “perfect” to work,

Too fixated on eliminating mistakes,

Well it’s time to take a stand

Against their bigoted utopia,

You can build a kingdom, city of dreams

Where love spreads like wildfire

In our own world,

We built our empire from the broken peices

The society tried to take from us

But they forgot,

That even broken glass can make mosaics