Avengers Endgame

Kevin Phipps, Staff

Avengers endgame is right around the corner and its already breaking records. One million endgame tickets was sold in China within the first six hours which has never been done before in China. Endgame pre-sale tickets has already broken infinity war first week in sales within five hours. Endgame is on track to have a 800million dollar weekend beating Infinity war weekend by 250million. The hype for endgame is way more intense and hype since many of people favorite hero’s have been killed by the mad titan thanos. Senior Mason Woolbright says “This is going to be the most hype movie that he has ever seen.” This movie will conclude the saga of the first 22 movie and will be the end of many of the original 6 avengers. Be sure to check out avengers endgame when it hits theaters April 26th.

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