Hannah Luu

Danny Rajak, Staff

“Me and my friend ,Amanda, are in this club, HOSA, together. It’s basically like a medical club and you can compete in different health topics. Well last year, me and Amanda competed in this competition where we had to make a poster about a health career. We chose to make a poster over veterinarians. We spent a lot of time on it and took it to the competition in Chattanooga. It turns out that we actually made it to round two where have to present our poster. We didn’t think we would get this far so we didn’t have anything planned for our presentation. We spent all night writing a script for round two. The next day we present and we actually won first place. We were so shocked and couldn’t believe it. Our teacher said that we probably wouldn’t even make it to round two because of how competitive it is. We should her and everyone else that we were winners.”- Hannah Luu