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Elizabeth Ward

Arlington High School

Elizabeth Ward went to Germantown high school where she would attend the Fine Arts program and discover her appreciation and passion for tv production. Even after she graduated she always remained involved in the Fine Arts program there, and eventually a positioned opened up where she was asked to come and teach. “I just took the opportunity and ran with it, and I am so glad that I did.”

I just took the opportunity and ran with it, and I am so glad that I did.”

” This will be her eighth year teaching where as she has previously taught seven years at Germantown High school teaching: introduction to film, film 2, and a team taught tv production mixed theater class.

Her favorite movie is “Legally Blonde” and her favorite show is “I Love Lucy”, “it makes me happy and something I grew up with.” Mrs. Ward developed an appreciation for film with watching movies and shows with her dad and friends and seeing how much they all enjoyed these things.

Mrs. Ward can’t wait to see what her students are capable of, where they can produce the tv shows themselves and run their own station there. “I’m real big on being student run, and a hands on experience, not just listening to me talk the entire time but letting them take hold of their responsibilities.” Her favorite area of TV production is the producing, being able to put a show together and making organized, “it’s the groundwork and outline from which its created.”

Mrs. Ward wants her students to be able to be open minded and to listen to other people and their thoughts. She wants her students to have ownership of whatever their responsibility, to be successful and to be able to understand and appreciate the aspects of tv and film. She wants her students to hone and learn what self expression is for them and to have all these feelings and being able to express that in their work and make something great.



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