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Katrina Garrett

Katrina Garret graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in biological science, and Harding University, with a master’s in education. Her passion for teaching and involving students is seen throughout her classroom and the way she talks about her students. “The most rewarding part is knowing that I have made a difference in my students lives. Them coming back later telling me that I’ve really taught them really well prepared for college. That was the most rewarding thing I could receive. Knowing that I made a difference.”


This is her ninth year teaching, she teaches ninth through twelfth grade, she is currently teaching biology, physical science, and earth space science. She loves using hands on activities in her classroom to involve the students and keep them engaged. “It actually sticks with the students versus just talking, so I incorporate PowerPoints, hands on activities, and a lot of group activities.”


Katrina Garrett allows self expression and class community throughout her classroom.“If we are talking about a topic, and they are able to incorporate a life experience, I allow them to talk about it. And we’ll just share about it, if they’re comfortable enough to do that.”


You can tell from just talking to her she cares very much for her students. “When I come in it’s like I accidentally become slash mom. So I guess you can say that I am more stern but at the same time, it can be fun.” She said. “We had to rely on each other to come up with a strategy to make the tallest tower within the class.”


“This is my freshman year at Arlington High School and I’m looking forward to a successful year.”


Welcome to Arlington High School, Mrs. Garrett!

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