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New Teachers at Arlington Middle School for 2021-2022.

Joseph Piper

Taylor Jenkins, Journalist

“Sometimes I feel like I’m stealing I really do. I can’t believe they paid me to teach.” Joseph Piper teaches 7th and 8thgrade. He has been teaching for 21 years. Mr. Piper loves his job working with special needs kids. “there’s nothing better.”   Joseph Piper finds his job very rewarding. He loves working with these kids and making a difference in their lives. &...

Marcus Sholar
Claire James
Julia Dwyers

Jackie Gillespie

Ava Douglas, Journalist

Jackie Gillespie likes to see the lightbulb go off in a kids head. “I love when they finally start to understand the concept I am trying to teach them.” Mrs. Gillespie found a passion for teaching and is very excited to be one of the newest 6thgrade math teachers at Arlington Middle School.   Mrs. Gillespie graduated from the University of Memphis. “All throughout college I have wor...

Ashley White

Crystal Coleman, TikTok Manager

  Ashley White, the newest history teacher at Arlington middle, creates an inviting space for her students. Originally from Covington, TN, she graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 2012. Ms. White didn’t always want to be a teacher; she originally thought that communications was the way t0 go. However, she finally decided to go into teaching. When asked what the most rewarding...

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