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Arlington High School 2021-2022

New Teachers at AHS 2021-2022

Elizabeth Ward

Kenzie Fields

Deanna Tigs, Journalist

Welcoming our former rival? Kenzie Fields, who graduated from Bartlett High School in 2015, is now teaching Anatomy and Physiology here at Arlington High School. Ms. Fields is not only a new teacher at Arlington, but also a new teacher in general. She recently graduated from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas in May 2019. She is also coaching our school’s volleyball team. Before coming...

Tiffany Lenton

Maddie Hughes, Facebook Manager

They say that the sign of a good teacher, is that they never stop learning.  Tiffany Lenton is still working to get her Masters Degree at Capella University.  Ms. Lenton is the newest Special Education English teacher here at Arlington High School. Ms. Lenton had originally pursued nursing school, but decided to start teaching because of her son.  When her son was in first grade he was struggling...

Michelle Magolia

Amy Webb

Skye Anderson, Publicist Director

Many teachers begin their career path going straight into a school. For Amy Webb, she did not originally plan on being involved in the classroom. Amy Webb is the newest English teacher at Arlington High School.   Amy Webb began the first 20 years of her career in the finance industry, working and eventually becoming a Credit Union Manager. “I decided to change direction, I went into school finance and s...

Katrina Garrett

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