AHS Nurses


Ariya Johnson, Assistant Editor in Chief

“Children are so resilient and they over come way more than we do as adults.”

— Nurse Amy

A career in Nursing Services is very lucrative to many people. There are numerous reasons someone chooses to pursue a degree in Nursing, such as the ability to take care of someone, the salary and benefits that are offered, as well as job stability and flexibility. “For me, I became a nurse because I like a different challenge everyday,” says Nurse Amy. When Nurse Amy is working at the hospital or at AHS it’s a different challenge, you’re never going to walk into work and see the same thing.

“At the end of my high school tenure, I had a family member go into the hospital, and I knew then I wanted to work in Healthcare, so nursing fit me best,” says Nurse Nina. Through Nurse Nina’s career,  she’s explored many different Healthcare specialties such as Pediatric ICU, the Cath Lab, Trauma Administration, Cardiology, and now a High School Nurse. “Nursing, as a whole, is truly a versatile career, very rewarding, and a great choice and fit for people who enjoy healing,” says Nurse Amy.

Working in healthcare has had a massive impact on many Nurses today. “It’s the general feeling of the patients that I’ve taken care of over the years, that makes me happy to be a nurse. The students here at Arlington High School are so great. And that has a positive impact on me,” says Nurse Nina. Nurse Nina has always worked in Pediatrics, so choosing to work as a School Nurse was a no brainer. “Children are so resilient and they overcome way more than we do as adults,” says Nurse Amy.  “I think the most impactful thing is being able to be present during someone’s most vulnerable time,” says Nurse Amy. “When you’re in the sick clinic, or the hospital, it typically isn’t planned and usually unexpected. There are many terrible and upsetting situations, but being able to be active, and supportive during somebody’s time of need is truly rewarding.” Nurses have such a massive impact on their patients and bring an inmeasurable amount of support to us here at Arlington High School.