The injuries of sports

Luke McBride

There are many ups and downs in sports. Many of the downs athletes face in sports are injuries. Injuries can define a players career. We’ve many great players over the years get their career ruined due to injury. We see this especially in basketball. We’ve seen great players like Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, and Demarcus Cousins get their career thrown off track because of injuries.

     Two players on the Arlington Highschool basketball team faced injuries this past preseason. Gage Gallagher and Casey Stoope both injured themselves this season.

Injuries can happen in many different ways. For Casey he messed his ankle up while doing Hurdles. For Gage he hurt his hip while running on a treadmill.

They both handled their injuries in similar ways

Gage and Casey both took time to stay off of their injury to recover. Then they slowly eased back into the swing of things.

Both players mentioned how they had support from their coaches and teammates.

Casey commented, “The support I’ve received from my Coaches and teammates has helped me stay motivated on getting back healthy.”

Both Gage and Casey became healthy and leadthe JV team to an 8-1 record.

Gage got brought up to varsity as well.

We can see how these two players didn’t let their injury define them.