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Fortnite is a game that has blown up in the past 7 months and it keeps getting bigger. Millions of people play on ps4, xbox, and PC. It is a 100 player free-for-all in each lobby, there are multiple guns and items you can use to help yourself win the game. When you win a game in fortnite it is called a “Victory royale.” The point of the game is to kill everybody else in the lobby with you unless you are in duos or squads. Duos is when there are two people on a team with 100 people in the lobby and the last team standing wins. With squads it is pretty much the same thing expect with 4 people on a team.
Fortnite is constantly updating the game to make it more fun for players like new guns and new shields to protect yourself with. They also put in dances and new outfits to wear for fun, and you have to earn them through getting experience points from killing people and getting wins to keep yourself interested in the game. Pretty soon they will be coming out with and update that allows you to have 5 teams with 20 players on each team go against each other to see who wins.
The fortnite map consist of multiple little towns and mountains you can land on. You start off by jumping off a flying bus and picking where you want to land to collect guns to get yourself situated to protect yourself. The map is pretty big but there is a storm that closes in on the map as time goes by and you have to stay outside of the storm or it will kill you. The storm is so people don’t hide the entire game and wait for everybody else to kill each other. Fortnite has gotten so big they make memes about it and you tubers stream it and makes lots of money off of it.

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