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Madison Luna

In preschool, a student learns their basis of education. Letters, numbers, and colors are all common things taught in a preschool curriculum; however, preschool also greatly affects the rest of a student’s educational career. No one knows this better than one of Donelson Elementary’s newest teachers, Madison Luna. “It’s different when you’re actually in the classroom… sometimes what you learn in college doesn’t necessarily work in the real world.”

Ms. Luna graduated from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga this past May, and looked to immediately jump into her role as a Preschool teacher. “I’ve always really wanted to work with special needs kids… ever since I was in elementary school myself.” Ms. Luna, happily took the position for the 2018-2019 school year and hopes to make a large impact on the kids. “I try to make it really fun for them, even if it’s just learning a letter.”

“My favorite thing is watching them when they’re learning or when they get an answer right. They’re smiling, and they know they’re growing, so just seeing them be proud of what they’ve learned is really the best thing to me.”

Outside of school, Ms. Luna is the proud mother of her new puppy and has recently became engaged. She enjoys taking her free time to take care of him and prepare for her upcoming wedding.

Donelson Elementary has truly welcomed a remarkable woman to join the educators of their school.


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