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Amanda Etherington

For a lot of teachers, working at a new school will take a while to get used to. But for Amanda Etherington, she already loves Donelson. “Donelson has such a great reputation… and they’re just so welcoming.”

At Donelson, Mrs. Etherington teaches second grade. While teaching younger children can be a challenge, Mrs. Etherington loves what she does. “The younger kids are so much fun, they love to learn…they just have that energy older kids might not have.”

Mrs.Etherington also feels like she has definitely answered her calling. “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, I just love helping others… it’s just a really rewarding job.” When she’s not loving on her students, you can find her relaxing by herself. “I like to just chill…just sleep.”

Mrs. Etherington’s students are also big fans of her. The students love to have her as her teacher and they love to learn. “She is cool…she likes chocolate and she teaches us,” said one student.

Mrs. Etherington loves Donelson, and seems to be here to stay. “We’re like a family here…they just welcome you home here.”


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