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The most amazing thing I ever saw was made to strike a change in my heart

It was to come bright and be more radiant than most art

It’s feeling of complete euphoria was made to last

It was made to make me forget the dull gray skies of my past

It was light much like a feather blowing in the wind

It was too sweet and caused even the saddest of those to grin songs of happiness and joy

It’s calm voice gorgeously was made to sing

It was what cause time to go back and allow winter to turn into spring

It was made to change and turn dark quicker than night

It was to maybe end horribly in a stage of complete fright

It was made to make people react in more than one way

It was what made the best of people to be forced to pay

It was tragic and caused many people to feel left broken

It was to leave behind an array of words that would be left unspoken

It was an addicting and bitter rock bottom of despair

It was one of life’s many examples of something unfair

It was carried on as a story without a defiant end

It was to be shared between a sweetheart or between a friend

It was gentle and pure with grace like a dove

Bright and dark, tragic and hopeful, it was what we know as love