An Ocean Without Waves



On the night of Saturday, September 1st, I decided to go to the pool to swim. While I was swimming, I happened to accidentally get a taste of the salty water, which made me think back to the Floridian beach I visited last summer. Last June, I visited Destin, Florida for a week. We managed to get a hotel room right on the beach; we could hear the waves as we slept and all we needed to do to see it was simply open our window. During our trip, I would rush my morning routine each day before opening our hotel room door to greet the seagulls and step foot onto the soft sand of the beach. To me, however, the most enjoyable part of the beach was the water. The water in the pool that I visited Saturday was surprisingly warm, just like the ocean water. The warmth of the pool evoked quite vivid thoughts of the ocean; on the beach, I would dip my bare feet in and feel the warm sand mold into my feet, as if I had the power to shift the earth beneath me. The seaweed and fish floating around filled me with a sense of wonder and closeness with nature. Additionally, the constantly crashing waves of the ocean made it much easier to become engulfed in the water and accidentally get salt water in your eyes or mouth, and that is what Saturday’s visit to the pool reminded me of.