Execution of the Heart



Kyndall Isgett

She patiently waits watching intently

At the passing of guards out her window

Eyes scanning the crowd of mournful soldiers

Finally at last they land on him

Heart pounding and head silently racing

She is there helplessly sitting by

Abrupt and bold in all her royalty she stands

And proceeds to move to her mirror

She is courageous and kind as reflected in her eyes

Yet she longs to change certain rules

Pushing thoughts aside she muffles her cries

As she plasters her bravest smile

Placing the crown on top of her head

She waits for a guard that is not him

The taps of their shoes echo through

An excessively long and extravagant hallway

Approaching the grand doors she hesitates

Sorrow fills her heart as a faint breeze filters in

Unlike today outside should be happy and good

But she walks each step tearing her apart

As she approaches she feels as if the weight of tons

Has just settled on her shoulders

She treads over to him meeting his glistening eyes

Her mind blank and the world is silent

Repeating the words that must be recited

She pauses and requests one hopeful wish

That a final kiss be pressed upon her lips