Dive In


Thy Bui

I never expected to join the swim team, but I did. I remember how I ended up joining. My friend and I were at freshman orientation. We ended up getting called over and my friend panicked and said she couldn’t swim. They explained that they would teach her. I didn’t know how to swim so hearing that made it tempting. The more she explained swim, the more tempting it was. She mentioned all of the fun things the swim team does and the all the people you would meet. I always like the water so being able to fully enjoy going to places like the pool, was really exciting.


At the meeting, I was worried about financial issues and transportation. My parents work almost every day and althoughmoney is not something that my family or I don’t lack, everything was pricey. I quickly realize the moms that help out with organizing everything were willing to help.


At first, I really struggled. However, everyone always believed in me and courage me. I was so tempted to quit because many times, it felt too much of a challenge, but the support that I get from swim really pushed me. Honestly, I’m not the greatest swimmer but the fact that everyone was willing to help, meantthe world to me.


Swim has benefited me in many ways. A weird fact: you can eat a lot since you burn calories quickly in swim. I’m always hungry now, which is great since I love food. I have always been self-conscious about my body, but in swim, you have to wear tight suits. In a way, that helped me because no one pays attention to how you look, just your attitude and your ability to swim. Now, I don’t really think about my image as much. I feel myself getting healthy and fit. I feel so much more lively, to the point where my mom has made many comments like “you’re basically glowing now!”


Swimming is hard but it’s definitely worth it. Trust me, you won’t regret it. If you have any worries or concerns, it’s ok. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be good at it or people would judge. That wasn’t the case at all, since people are there to help you. You’ll end up falling in love with the water.


The AHS swim team is like a family. Everyone is so caring and sweet. Every time I missed practice, I felt like a piece of my daily routine was missing. We’re a team, but it also requires individual effort. It’s more of you trying to get faster than trying to beat someone. Everyone is different and there’s something for everyone. That’s what so great about swim.