Hugh Lamar


Samuel Sireci

Hugh Lamar, the Vice Chair for the Arlington Community School Board of Education, arrived at the latest meeting dressed to impress. Mr. Lamar is no stranger to the Education world. “I have forty nine years of teaching at the college level,” he says.  He is very exited to contribute to education of K-12 students by becoming a board member for Arlington Community Schools. School Board Members attend school functions, set policies, and employ the Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. Lamar believes the most important things to focus on are the curriculum, updating technology, and forming the students into the best they can be. Mr. Lamar believes the most important things to focus on at present in Arlington “include technology, faculty, and funds to help set Arlington above other schools.”

“Arlington also helps the students prepare for college through ACT prep and AP classes,” Mr. Lamar says. That continues to be one of his focuses in his tenure as a School Board Member. In Arlington, students have many post-secondary opportunities.  “Through AP classes, a student can leave Arlington with a majority of freshmen college classes completed”  Mr. Lamar believes Arlington Community Schools can give students a great path to success.