Kay Williams

Kaity Gallimore, Staff

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The Arlington School Board is very equipped with individuals that have formed our school system today. One of which is Kay Williams. Recently, we reached out to Mrs. Williams to see how the arms and legs of our school system operates. She shared our school’s biggest issues, how our school system has improved, their vision for our school system in 5 years, and the actions that were took to make a change.
Mrs. Williams stated that the biggest issue the school system has recently looked into is safety. She discussed how they are working on a new safety plan for our school system. For example, they are renovating school entrances and they made improvements on our safety procedures. Another issue they are working towards is making sure that students are prepared for the future. She said, “We need students to be ahead of the game.”
In the past 5 years, our school system has made crucial changes. Mrs. Williams said, “First we wanted a school system where no one would notice any differences, now we are looking for those differences.” They’ve also made technological differences. We now have IPads for more accessible learning techniques. It’s an effort to get away from books.
The vision for ACS in 5 years could dramatically impact our school system for the better. Kay Williams stated, “Our board plans on creating a competitive environment between school systems across the state and country.” They also want to make sure students are being provided for along with Arlington teachers. Mrs. Williams also stated, “Students are our focus, but I think our teachers and employees are important too.”
To make a change, there are actions needed to be taken. We asked Mrs. Williams how she took charge to make a change, and her answer was surprising, but eye-opening. She said, “A board acts as a group, we don’t really have any power as individuals.” She explained how the board works on promoting our school system and making sure that our community and our businesses are involved in our school system. As well as our town government. Mrs. Williams stated, “Using our business world to help our students learn practical work experiences is important.” The board works their hardest to provide real world experiences to stress the importance of our student’s future.