The Repurposing Room


Ember Reinhart

“Oh sweetie! Where are you? You need to take your meds!” A sickly sweet voice echoed deafeningly in your head. You couldn’t take it anymore, you were nearly out your mind like most of the poor people in this cursed building. “Don’t hide, I don’t want to waste my time trying to find you! I have other patients to attend to.” The voice was beginning to get irritated. “I want to go home!” You screamed when you felt the nurse’s bony, grotesque hands grab your shoulders. You struggled madly, flailing your arms in a desperate attempt to escape her clutches. Suddenly, your nurse shakes you violently and turns you roughly so you’re facing her. Tears flowed freely when you saw her face, and she didn’t look happy. Her nearly skeletal face was pushed down in a snarl, her thin needle like teeth gleamed a strange tint of pink. Personally you preferred that face she makes, rather than her terrifying smile she always wore.

You could feel her deadly claws begin to cut into your delicate skin, you felt a rush of adrenaline and spat in her face. She didn’t flinch, not even when some of your saliva dripped into her never blinking fiery orange eyes. “…That was a mistake.” She breathed, and let you drop to the floor. She wiped your defiance from her face. “The doctor will see you now, because of your sheer hatred, you will be a perfect nurse.” Your eyes widened and you began to shake. “W-WAIT!” You cried out when your nurse grabbed you by your legs and started to drag you easily to the Repurposing room. “NURSE 003, PLEASE-” You choked on a sob when the grotesque being kicked you harshly. “Shut up, your defiance is the last straw. You never stopped despite the many warnings we gave you. So, I hope you love your new body as much as I love mine.”

Many days past while you were in that room. Your pained screams were drowned out as cheery music blare out of the speakers surrounding the asylum. Now you find yourself staring at what you thought was you. Your skin was a pale, you were now nearly skeletal as well, and completely bald. You were much taller, your arms hung well below your hips. Your long deadly talons scraped against the gritty tile of the Repurposing room. You looked nothing what you used to, you looked like a monster. “Great!” Nurse 003 clasped her hands together. “Your awake, now I will help you get used to your new body! Your the best beast the Doctor has made yet. I will be honored to-” Her speech was cut short when you ripped your claws through her body. She was so much smaller than you, a nice difference that you inwardly appreciated. She convulsed for a few satisfying minutes before going still. Her wide eyes went dull and you growled with content.

You decided to get revenge on everyone who dared mistreat you in the retched building you had lived in for years. The blood soaked into your skin, staining you crimson. Finally, you escaped when everyone in asylum was dead. A massacre as many called it, you really like that term. Slowly, you began forget where you came from the more you killed, you forgot your name, your home, and even your family. Some times you debated with yourself, trying to remember if you were human at first. So you adopted a new name, a name humanity calls you. They fear you, they fear The Rake.