Is this love clear?


I used to believe love was fake and was only real in movies. Well, not even real in movies. Every time there is a healthy relationship, something always has to go wrong or someone always has to mess up, but lovers need to realize that no human being is perfect and everybody has flaws. We just have to forgive and guide each other to help ourselves grow. We are supposed to strengthen each other and grow together. Love is never going to be perfect, it is going to be hard sometimes. We just need to learn how to never give up on each other.

But then I understood what love truly felt like. Not the toxic kind, but the kind that can be best friends and lovers. The kind where I know I found my other half, the person I want to make the most memories with, and the person who is my favorite human being. I would die for him in a heart beat. I’d perhaps even kill for them.

We were on a walk at a beautiful park. The sun was setting rapidly and the stars began to come out. He gently grabbed my hand to hold and looked me in my eyes. “Let’s lay down and look at the stars,” he whispered. I smiled and nodded at him then we laid down on the grass. A few peaceful and quiet moments go by and he says, “I love you.” My heart skips a few beats and I feel butterflies in my stomach. “I love you too,” I squealed. Why in the world did I just squeal. That is so embarrassing. Maybe he didn’t pay attention to it. I sounded like a pig! I can feel the excitement fussing through my blood.

I love this boy so much, why would I ever hurt him?

Initially, I felt the need to break up with him one month ago because I was scared of love. Love scared me so much and made my mind run in circles. I convinced myself that I broke up with him because school was starting. Why do I need a boyfriend going into school? That could lead to distractions. Right? I thought I made a wise decision because everybody told me it was a good one. But it wasn’t. He loved me so much and was so in love with me. He taught me how to love myself and how to feel loved by others. He treated me like the prettiest girl in the world. He spoiled me, made sure I was always happy, he cheered me up, and he looked at me like I was his whole world.

I soon realized I did not appreciate what I had and I was missing out on one of the best things. Love.

After school one day, I called him and asked him to come see me. He said, “Of course I will.” I gathered my emotions together and prettied myself up.

He was two minutes away.

I ran back to him and gave my heart to him, apologizing for my mistakes and not giving him the love he deserved, even when he loved me more than anything. I apologetically explained the reason reason why I ended things, which was I was scared of love. He forgave me and said, “My love will never change for you, I’ll always love you.” My heart melted and I fell for hum even harder than I did before.

All because of him, I learned how to accept love and appreciate what is given to me. Now, I have grown and learned from my mistakes. I gave my heart to him and he gave his heart to me. Thanks to him, love is clear now.


Written by Amelia Moskovitz