Karah Calhoun

Imagine waking up in paradise
The bright blue ocean surrounds you
The heat of the sun beams on your face as you walk out onto the balcony
You can smell the salt and the fresh morning air
You can hear the palm leaves rustling in the breeze
The grains of sand stuck between your toes
It’s almost as if reality doesn’t exist and you don’t have a care in the world
This paradise is all yours
Not a single person can harm it
There is no war, politics, or struggle
Everything is how it is meant to be
This peaceful little paradise is so perfect
But for now you wake up to reality
The traffic and concrete surrounds you
The gray, cloudy sky sets a gloomy mood when you walk out of the front door
You can smell the tension of you and your peers
You can hear the people arguing around you
It’s almost as if paradise doesn’t exist and you’re stuck doing the same thing every day
This life is all yours
People can hurt you
There is war, politics, and struggle
Everything is how it has to be
This life is what you made of it
But for now you only experience paradise in you dreams