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Heather Critchett

Heather Critchett

Arlington Elementary School

Heather Critchett is a new Pre-k teacher at Arlington Elementary School. Mrs. Critchett is a transplant from Illinois. This past January,  she moved to Memphis with her husband and daughter.

Mrs. Critchett speaks of the life event that changed her mind on the future of being an educator. “I was 16 years old working as a lifeguard and the camp with special needs students came to the pool, and from that point on I’ve always had a passion to be a teacher and work with children of all abilities.”

This school year is most definitely not her first year as an Educator,  as she is coming up on her 10th year of teaching.

Her enthusiasm and genuine words show how much love she has for her kids and especially her job.


Teaching small groups is my favorite, because I get to see them grow and I just take it all in.”

— Heather Critchett




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