School Work


Alec Tennyson, Staff

I interviewed a senior at Arlington High School, His name is Brett Poe. My topic was over the way kids are learning on hybrid days and if that an efficient way of learning. Brett think it should be okay for students to be taking there quizzes and test while at home. He also thinks it opened a new way of cheating for the students because while there at home there are no teachers or eyes watching them and making sure they aren’t off task and cheating. Brett says it would be a lot more stressful on the students if they were forced to take all quizzes and test at school because there would be a lot more school work to do while there at school. With the circumstances stances right now he thinks exam shouldn’t be in play because kids aren’t able to have that one on one time with the teacher and able to ask questions figure out what’s going on if they are struggling. He still believes there should be a late policy because the kids have plenty of time while they are at home. And he thinks all of the online learning websites and apps are a very good way of teaching and being able to learn.