New Indoor Athletic Facility!

Bailey Daugherty, Journalist

Arlington High School recently opened their new indoor athletic facility for teams. The facility includes a  indoor turf field, weight room, 2 locker rooms, and a coaching office. The building is for the schools soccer and softballs teams. Baseball, band, and color guard also will be able to have access to this facility when space allows.


This facility is a big game changer for these teams and allows them to train in all times of the year no matter the weather. It also allows them locker rooms to use to prepare for games and bond as a team. This really helps the teams programs strive to be the best they can be. The extra weight room is a major advantage for the teams as well. They now do not have to share with other sports and can use this as time allows.


Lizzie Coleman is a Junior on the Lady Tiger Varsity Soccer team and spoke to us about ways the building will affect their program. “The new facility will allow us to practice when weather doesn’t allow us to outside. We can get in extra touches and movements of the ball. It helps us to be able to continue the progress and growth of our team,” says Coleman.


“I am most excited to use the indoor facility for 3v3s to reconnect with the team throughout club season. It allows us to see each other and keep in touch,” Lizzie says.