Alumni Feature: Audrey Cooper

Isabela Perez, Journalist

Audrey Cooper was an Arlington High School graduate in spring 2020. She is currently attending college at the Univeristy of Alabama and is expected to graduate in the year 2024. She believes her time at Arlington prepared her for college but students “have to prepare themselves by getting good study habits and time management skills.” She believes she was more successful, academically, in high school than in college due to the harsh adjustments colleges have had to make due to COVID regulations. She hopes to get more involved in college next semester. After her undergraduate, she plans to attend med school to become a psychiatrist. She misses the relationships she created with her teachers at AHS the most. Finally, her advice to seniors choosing colleges right now would be “to go somewhere that just feels like home, and to make the decision about where you go for yourself. Don’t make the decision based on everyone else’s opinions or based on where your friends are going.”