Senior Spot Light: Faith Bell

Joseph Carrico, Editor in Chief

With this crazy year coming closer to an end, we are focusing on our seniors of 2021 before they leave to go into the real world. Faith Bell has been going to Arlington since her sophomore year and has been apart of ATV and our film department ever since. She stated that her favorite memory from Arlington was “working with the film department and live streaming the football and basketball games.” During her high school career faith really focused on her grades. They “always came first but I wanted to make sure I had fun at the same time.” While in high school Faith also won state when she was on the debate team and achieved a 24 on her ACT all while managing her social life and her job. When talking about the future, Faith stated “I’m excited to go to college and moving away from familiar faces to gain new experiences.” With Faith’s last quarter coming up here at AHS she stated, “If I could do anything differently I would take school more seriously towards the end because that is when it really counts and staying focused while not getting off track.” Lastly the advice she would give to a freshmen is that “High school is not as scary as everyone tries to make it seem so just have fun and look forward to graduating.”  Great job Faith on everything you’re doing. We all hope you go very far and keep up the hard work as you leave us here at Arlington High School.