Senior Spotlight-Gracee West


Aspen Bailey, Journalists

Gracee West is a senior at Arlington High School. She was on the AHS cheer team and is also in National Honor Society. Gracee says, “ winning worlds for the AHS cheer team was a big accomplishment for me, and I enjoyed being voted for homecoming court my senior year!”. Sadly her senior year hasn’t had many uplifting times due to covid but, she has made the best of everything and is just trying to enjoy the rest of the time she has with her friends before graduation. Gracee plans to attend the University of Memphis and major in psychology to further herself in helping others through their trauma in life. She stated, “ If I could change something about my senior year I wish I could experience the normal things of my senior year. Walking in the hall with my friends, or even sitting at lunch”. She misses having the normalcy of a kid in less then 3 months and it will be all over with and she states “ I haven’t even convinced myself i’m a senior”. Everything we take for granted in high school has been stripped away from these seniors. Some of her advice for upcoming seniors would be enjoy every moment you get and take in the last year you’ll ever step in a high school again. It’s bitter sweet for Gracee, she says, “it’s sad but it’s a big step in life, I feel like my senior year went by in a blink but i’m nearing the end and I wish I could redo it all again and just hold onto it”. She is most looking forward to helping others in life, Gracee wants to make a difference and change in our world even if it’s little and hopes she can motivate others to do the same.