Melissa Humprhies

Blake Beverage, Editor in Chief

Travelling and teaching across the world, Mrs. Melissa Humphries has landed at Arlington High School. Attending Arkansas State University, Mrs. Humphries knew she wanted to travel and serve our country, so she joined the United States Airforce. Speaking about her experience she said her biggest strength is, “Being versatile, having been to multiple countries has taught me to be versatile and to have an open mind to new things.” 


After serving in the military, Melissa went back and finished her degree at Arkansas State University. Once she finished, she than studied abroad in China and learned about teaching from their culture. While having those experiences and being able to study abroad, Mrs. Humphries proudest achievement is being a mother.  


Teaching human social science, Mrs. Melissa describes her teaching as, “Strict at the start so students can understand the procedures, but then as the year goes on, I am able to have more open conversations with students and then have the whole class participate in the conversation.”