Human of Arlington – Sofia Arana


Deanna Tigs, Journalist

So, on Wednesdays I have riding lessons, and I was telling a girl in my class, who rides with me sometimes, I was riding a pony and I nearly got bucked off the pony. The next day, we come back to class and Elizabeth, the girl who I told the story to, tells Pfeiffer. Days later, Pfeiffer starts making fun of me for the pony, and I storm out of class and yell, “ I AM NOT COMING BACK UNTIL YOU ARE NICER AND YOU RESPECT ME”. I slammed the door, turned around, and saw Gibson…. filling up his water bottle. I shuffled into the bathroom, stood there for like ten seconds, shuffled back out, peaked my head into the classroom, “Hey Pfeif… so Gibson was outside when I was yelling at you..”, and he was like, “ Am I going to get an email?”, “probably..”. He never did, nothing came of this, but it was funny.