Blood Drive

Kaylee Brown and HaleyJane Shannon

The Blood Drive is where Vitalent takes blood from volunteers at certain schools and takes it back to the hospital to be distributed as needed. If one person donates blood, 1 pint of blood saves three lives. Mrs. Scherffius says,”Arlington students should do the blood drive because its 1 pint of blood saves three lives, so it’s supporting a good cause.”Arlington has been doing the blood drive for years, usually does 2-3 per year.  Mrs. Scherffius, the Medical Therapeutics teacher, runs the blood drive. Mrs.Trim, the health science teacher, helps run it along with the school nurses. The school nurses always stay close by due to any complications that may happen. To qualify for the blood drive you have to weigh a certain amount based on your height as a girl. For a guy you only have to weigh more than 120 pounds. When you go to your appointment the day of the blood drive, you should have already eaten breakfast. After you finish getting your blood taken you are able to get a free snack and drink as you sit and wait before you can leave. After interviewing many people that have done the blood drive, they have had nothing but good things to say. “All the workers were nice and so helpful. I would definitely suggest other people to do it.” Although some people followed the requirements of the blood drive, many got  there and couldn’t participate. This is due to the fact of their heart rate being too high. In order to give blood your heart rate has to be below 100 BPM.Even though they couldn’t participate they said, “I would definitely try again, the people were kind and it’s for such a great cause.” Arlington students should do the blood drive because it benefits so many people just from one person donating.

I’m doing the blood drive because I’m in the clinical internship and I have been able to go through all the processes and different areas. I’ve also seen how the blood is beneficial to the people that have these internal illnesses and ETC”

— Hayden Stites