Samuel Schirmer – Teachers of Arlington

Samuel Schirmer loves the holidays especially Christmas. He does a lot of cooking, making cookies though is definitely one his favorite things to do during Christmas. “

I will make different different sorts of batches of cookies every year.”

One of the ones he’s making this year is an orange creamsicle cookies. They are sugar cookies with white chocolate along with orange extract, chocolate chips, and orange food coloring. This year he is using a cat cookie cutter to make it look like his kitten. “You have the standard cookies like chocolate chip, and sugar but why have those when you can have kitten cookies.” Not only does Mr.Schirmer make cookies he makes his own fresh lasagna. He makes the noodles fresh at home, I mean what could be better than waking up Christmas morning to cookies and fresh lasagna. Well it gets even better along with all of those delicious foods he makes Christmas tree shaped ravioli by taking pasta dough adding green food coloring and using a Christmas tree cookie cutter to get the perfect shape. Putting the filling in then using the left over pasta to cut out little circles with red food coloring creating the Christmas tree’s ornaments for the ravioli. The last thing he likes to make normally around the holidays are sticky buns. “They have a nice Carmel sauce with it, that melts every time you heat it up and it drapes over.”

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