Hannah Craig


Kayla Luu, Journalist

Hannah Craig is a junior at Arlington High School. Hannah enjoys working, spending time with friends, and going to school. She was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee but moved away to Alabama in 2017. Hannah went to four different schools in the span of five years. First she went to Lakeland Elementary School. Then Lakeland Middle School. The she moved to Alabama and attended Daphne Middle School. Then Spanish Fort                       (Hannah pictured on the left)

Middle School. Then Daphne High School. And finally is back in Memphis and currently attending Arlington High School.


Hannah has a younger sister who is only two years younger than her. Her father works for FedEx which is why Hannah moved back to Memphis. And her mother works at Lakeland Elementary School.

finding friends was never a problem

Hannah says “finding friends was never a problem” for her. No matter where Hannah went she always had her friends to keep her stable and happy. In March Hannah lost one of her bestest friends, her dog, Charlie. Hannah was very upset for a long time but her friends never failed to encourage her to get up and keep pushing. Today Hannah lives out her life for Charlie.