Grace Tomlinson: Dapper Salon’s Head Esthetician

Isabella Genovesi, Journalist

Dapper Salon is a salon located in Oakland, TN. From the outside, this salon may seem like nothing more than simply hair, however, it is so much more than that. On-site, they have a licensed esthetician, Grace Tomlinson. She stated, “I am the head esthetician here, and I do waxing, facials, eyebrows, spray tans, and lashes.”

     Along with being Dapper Salon’s head esthetician, she is also their newest employee. She recently graduated from Gould’s Academy and this is her first job in the esthetician field. She stated that her biggest challenge with being the newest employee is “A lot of my clients come from Emma, our past esthetician. She’s been an esthetician for 7 years and it is hard having to live up to her.” Since Dapper Salon is her first job out of esthetician school, these are hard standards to live up to.

     One of her favorite parts about working at Dapper Salon is that it is a welcoming environment that allows her to perform her favorite services. She stated “I really like to give facials, any type of facials. We offer derma-planes, chemical peels, hydro-facials, and seasonal facials.” She is very passionate about making her clients feel beautiful, and that is what she loves most about working in this field. She loves having the ability to help people feel the best versions of themselves and giving facials is a great way to do this.

     All though she loves Dapper Salon, she still has plans to further her career. Grace stated “After here, I hope to one day own my own salon. I want to live in Charleston, SC with Isabella and continue my career there.” She is very thankful for the experience she is gaining through Dapper Salon to grow as both an esthetician and a person. She is just at the start of her journey, and she is excited for the future of her career to reach her fullest potential.