Effects of Marijuana on The Human Body

Holly Conrad, Staff

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What is marijuana? Marijuana is cannabis that can affect the brains of anyone. Teens are especially added into this factor as people or family will smoke the cannabis around them. There is negative effects that marijuana may have on the brain causing disorders or high risk illness. Many studies have been done in order to fully understand the importance of these negative effects may have on the brain.
When the use of drugs is present, the brain becomes especially vulnerable to substance use disorders as they get older. When marijuana is taken in the body produces more dopamine which causes you to get this happy or high feeling. The use of marijuana can cause paranoia, hallucinations, trouble concentrating, decreased coordination, and decreased interest in completing tasks. Teens need all of these traits in order to participate in day to day activities like these.
Some users of marijuana may have heightened emotions like sadness, hyperness, or exhaustion. In the life science article of effects of marijuana it states “When marijuana use begins in the teen years, it can have a significant impact on brain development, including decreased brain activity, fewer neural fibers in certain areas and a smaller than average hippocampus, which controls learning and memory functions.” These areas are needed so that it is possible to learn from experiences in the future and also have certain memories for specific jobs. The brain may also loose structure so in other terms marijuana may melt your brain and cause the way you function to be greatly effected.
Teens shouldn’t use marijuana for recreational purposes. Later in life, the use of the drug may come back and destroy you. The choice could cause a sudden disorder, emotion, or psychic episode. Overall I really think the drug shouldn’t be used.