“Don’t Compare Yourself To Others”

Alexis Heflin

“Don’t Compare Yourself To Others,” is the advice Tom Shillue gives in his PragerU video. We, as normal humans, do this in our everyday lives more times than we can count. As students we want others GPA’s and rankings. As professionals we want others salaries and job positions. We compare ourselves to other people, countless times a day, and do not even realize the damage it is doing. Shillue states that we do not really want to be somebody else. He says that we want to be ourselves but we want to be a better more successful version of ourselves. So, what do you need to do to have a better life? Shillue says, stop comparing yourself to others and you will learn to love the success you already have.

Shillue makes the astonishing point that we should not compare ourselves to other people because everyone experiences pain. You can not slip some money under the table and expect to get around that part of life—everyone experiences pain. Pain is a sad but unfortunate part of life. Everyone experiences hardships in their lives, Shillue states. You may think actors and comedians have glamorous lives but even they struggle with mental illnesses. We need to realize that everyone experiences many hardships in their life in the struggle to achieve the house on the top of the hill. The only way you will truly become happy is when you work for yourself and only yourself. Work to satisfy your goals and ambitions. Work to make a living for you and your family. Work hard at school to achieve a good GPA. You simply need to stop comparing yourself to others. Look inward and you will find something truly amazing has finally happened when you do. You will finally be happy with the successful person you worked hard to become.

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