Nicole Iglesias

Jordan Culver, Asst. Editor in Chief

After surfing from school to school, Ms. Nicole Iglesias has landed in Arlington and Donelson Elementary where she finally feels at home.

She has been in other schools where the PTA were not as involved, but Ms. Iglesias says she wanted to be in a town where the people are closer like when she lived in Knoxville and Chattanooga prior to moving to Memphis.

The PTA is so involved, I’m not really used to that. I came from a school where there wasn’t that much parent involvement. There is so much parent involvement here, and that’s been really great.”

— Ms. Nicole Iglesias

Ms. Iglesias says that she chose ESL, English as a Second Language, as a profession because she can relate to her students and she wishes to teach and guide them until they no longer need her class.

“I moved here when I was 9. ESL didn’t exist back then, I didn’t have anything like that, so I can relate to students who are moving in and don’t know the language.”

Ms. Iglesias has loved Arlington and Donelson so far, and she hopes to be a great teacher to her students. She’s taught for 15 years, and hopes to teach here in Arlington until she retires.

“It’s Just been such a different setting than what I’ve been at. Everybody here says hi to you when you walk down the hallway, everybody’s just really friendly. They’re really out to help you out with anything you need.”