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Dr. Dale Viox

Luke Hamilton, Staff

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Dr. Dale Viox, the fifth member of the school board of Arlington Community Schools, is always striving to improve the community around him. He grew up going to a public school so he knows the problems faced by communities like ours. “Public schools are different then private schools, the problems we face are different, because we have a different type of students.” Viox believes that since we have students from all backgrounds, we should not just be trying to send students to college. We should as a community try to prepare them for the real work force.
Arlington community schools has recently been focusing on technology. Dr. Viox is glad to admit that, “Arlington is one of the first communities in this region that has the one to one program.” The 1:1 technology program means that every student, ranging from elementary school to high school, has a device. These devices, mostly iPads, are used throughout the day so students are able to improve their learning.
In the future, Dr. Viox wants the school to, “continue to improve. We want to move on to be in the top 10 schools in Tennessee.” The future of Arlington schools is in the community, with parents and students both striving to improve.

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