Venezuelan Students Speak to YRC


Aaron Moser

Juan (Right) and Louis (Left) spoke to the AHS Young Republicans in Febuary.

Aaron Moser, Content Director

In February, Venezuelans and AHS students Juan and Louis spoke to the AHS Young Republicans Club about the current devastating situation in their home country.

They presented information about the belligerent and corrupt Maduro regime and how his administration’s continuation and expansion of Hugo Chavez’s policies have exasperated the economic and societal decimation of Venezuela.

Extreme inflation and over-dependence on oil exports have been caused by the nationalization of business in the country. Juan and Louis said the regime has promised to provide government healthcare among other government programs but has not increased taxes to fund these socialist ideals.

Due to government corruption and socialist policy, a dire situation has been created for the people of Venezuela as the country faces a 90% poverty rate with drastic complications of water supply and hunger. Four of the world’s 10 most dangerous cities now belong in Venezuela as 73 Venezuelans die violently every day. Over the weekend, Nicolas Maduro announced 30 days of electricity rationing.

While the people of Venezuela live in desperate conditions, Maduro, his relatives, and his fellow leaders live in riches and wealth. Maduro has even claimed that the humanitarian crisis is a “fabrication.”

Juan and Louis also spoke about how most believe that Maduro’s election to a 2nd term was illegitimate, and most countries and world leaders have come to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the legitimate and democratically elected leader of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan students explained that because the Maduro regime is still backed by the Venezuelan military, it has been and will be difficult to usurp the administration.

In February, U.S. backed Humanitarian aid was burned near the Venezuelan border in a violent confrontation between anti-government protesters and Venezuelan security forces.

Young Republican members asked questions after the presentation and were thankful for Juan and Louis spending time to speak to the group about the Venezuelan humanitarian crisis.