Best Buddies Valentine’s Day Party

Arlington Highschool had the privilege to host a party for our fellow special needs peers here at Arlington. We asked the person behind this festive party, Mrs. Kelley, why it is so important, “So when I took over student council 8 years ago, this was one of the few things we did, this party. And my entire life I have worked with special needs kids. Starting from a very young age, my parents would take me to special olympics and we helped host. We actually started a program at my church which has now been going on for 26 years, where we work with special needs kids so its always been something where I want to bring them in. I’m lucky enough that I get to be down the hall, right across from their classrooms. So everyday I get to know the kids and learn who they are and they say hi to me and we talk in the hallway about things. And so continuing this is really important because one of the things student council should always do is be looking for ways to reach all of the students, including students that are not the ones that are serviced by our everyday things, you know? Our everyday basketball team is, for them most part, not serviced by anybody on the special needs. We get lucky that we have a girl who, Jasmine, whose one of the basketball managers. So we get lucky that we have that and thats really good. This community is really awesome about opening up and accepting the students that are serviced by this so its really important for me to continue that work with my student council.